I hear-tell that this here city of Portland is full of people of a generally creative disposition. Even more, I'm on that ol' Lovelab and see these people expressing, without any modesty whatsoever, how "awesome" they are. "You're never going to meet anyone like me" "You've never met anyone like me" "You are so lucky to have met me" Really? I've lived here going on 20 years, and none of you idiots have ever impressed me. Trying to be creative or unique in and of itself proves the opposite: that you are neither creative or unique. And just because you call yourself an "artist" does not give you the right to cease personal hygiene or property maintenance. Neighbor: "Excuse me, would you mind mowing your lawn, picking up those 10 boxes of clothes in your parking strip, choosing one bike to ride, rather than having a pile of 40 broken down bikes in your front lawn, and maybe taking a shower?" You: "Hey man, we're like artists and stuff, you can't impose your rules on us or nothing. We create art, and we live art, man". Dear Lord, the lot of you need to quit acting like assholes and actually hone whatever creativity you think you have, or just give the fuck up and drink yourselves into oblivion.