Hi Blazers fans.
After the game, during which you've been sitting on your ass eating nachos and guzzling beers, how about taking a walk up to Lloyd Center to get your car instead of clogging up the Max? Because here's the deal: some of the ride the train from our houses to the games. And after the game, I can't get onto the first train that comes by because your fat ass insists on standing right by the door when you're 'only going a few stops'. Guess what- if you're only going a few stops, then fucking walk! Lloyd Center is a whopping 10 blocks from the Rose Garden. It's WALKING DISTANCE! And for the rest of you lazy bums who can't even walk the 5 blocks to 7th avenue- you're embarrassing yourself when you take a crowded train two short stops. Let the rest of us- those who actually pay for transit passes- get onto the train. From the looks of it, you could really use a walk anyway.