Why is it when I state the obvious, people get offended? Why do people get upset when I point out something that is a fact? When I say things like:
"The people I see the most wearing baggy pants (sagging) are black people", "I've noticed that black people will actually walk slower across the street when they know you're waiting for them to cross", "The people I see blaring loud music at all hours of the day tend to be of Mexican descent and their property maintenance typically needs attention", "Most people who own mini marts are Asian", most people call me bigoted. I don't think I'm a bigot, I'm simply looking at the evidence. Prove me wrong, people! Funny though, when I say "Most people who do meth are white" no one says shit. They actually agree and call them trash. Portland needs to be a little more equal in their political correctness, I'm just sayin'.