Why is it that, in order to be an 'artist' in this town, you have to live like a pig? Seriously. In what way does a lack of personal hygiene and property maintenance relate to 'creating art'? I really don't get it. I don't know how many houses I've been to where a bunch of unwashed 'artists' live and there's dirt for a lawn, numerous disassembled bikes strewn about, beer bottles that have been on the porch for what appears to be months and a general aura of filth. Not only this, but these people have to shove their 'art' in your face every chance they get. Being loud and arrogant is not a substitute for creativity.
"Hey man, we like creating art here, fuck the Man's rules on keeping our shit clean, and fuck the neighbors too. Pass the Kombucha, dude". It just turns me off and whatever 'art' you think you're creating is just written off as a piece of crap made by some spoiled dumb-shit with nothing better to do. Btw, I write songs and if anyone wants to hear my stuff, drop me a line.