To the two ignorant freaks that were in the hot tub with me tonight debating on whether or not they were more skinheads, or greasers, I hate you. I knew I disliked you when you made snide comments about my tattoos. I loathed you even more when you were arguing about whether or not the type of pomade you used for your hair was more superior than the others. I'm sorry, but I thought "skinheads" had no hair? Is your pomade seeping through your scalp into your brain cells? Associating yourself with a subculture that supports the mass murder of innocent people is NOT FUCKING COOL. You may think you're so punk rock, so anti-social norm. But really, you're anything but. You're everything people grow to hate about Portland. You pick a terrible stereotype to fit into, and you think your way is the only way. Personally, I think you should just identify with the Greaser category. Bursting into random song would be much more pleasant.