I love the show because working and living in Portland you come to realize there not stereotypes but actual idiots you see every day in this stupid city. Tailgating is a problem here, I even got passed on Burnside at six in the morning! Wake up and realize your sheep...I can go out and buy red skinny jeans in my mid thirties, and borrow some Vans or Converse, pierce my face and grow muttonchops; I can vote and pretend to care about the earth while wearing leather...I wish all these Vegan idiots would realize us people who work in the food industry laugh at you and lie to you about how our food is handled and cooked; your stupid veggie sausage is cooked in same fryer as fish, pork and beef you morons!! This city is so predictable and uniformed they made a whole show about you idiots...Grow up hipsters, stop ordering Pabst and rolling your own cigarettes, its been done before!!