Dear entitled parents of Buckman Elementary, specifically the bitch who almost hit me with her car while pulling out without looking today. This happens every day, but you really took the cake. The fact that you were mad at me when you were the one almost who almost killed me was ridiculous enough, but then you had the audacity to shout, "It's called A SCHOOL!" at my retreating figure. I seriously almost crapped myself due to how retarded an explanation that was. Yeah, it's a school. With kids around. It's also a street and bike thoroughfare (hence the bikes painted on the ground, but I don't expect you to notice that in your fit of breeder entitlement). Act like the responsible adult you're pretending to be and keep your eyes on the fucking road, or else have the decency to apologize when you're caught acting like a total asswipe at the expense of someone else.—Anonymous