To the owner of the security agency I work for. I appreciate the way you promoted narcissism over intelligence consistently. It's nice to know that former school bullies can still harass and belittle us chess geeks without penalty, and how the clients' wishes are always trumped by authority and ignorance. I appreciated the long shifts without access to a restroom, and how asking for one singled me out as 'having too many problems'. I love how all my coworkers would individually complain about the same mistreatments but each of us was told “You're the only one saying that.” I especially love how we're supposed to record everything but can't document taking our breaks (for billing reasons) which requires us to either not have a break or commit perjury. But I do have a question. Why does anyone think our company can be trusted to protect their valuables when YOU don't pay us enough to afford rent,bills or health insurance, if we get sick we're screwed. How do your clients believe your officers won't steal. Statistically speaking those people you identify as having “leadership quality” (ie narcissistic personality disorder / schoolyard bullies) are the ones who provably are most likely to steal, followed closely by the working poor. Your entire staff is a gaggle of ticking time bombs wearing fluffy jackets with deep pockets. I completely understand why you changed the company to an L.L.C. (Limited Liability Company). That way you aren't legally responsible for your own mess.