"Um.... I get that."

"Yeah. I GET that."

"uh huh. I GeT that."

Listen, brain-dead female coworker, I have no way of knowing what you know, nor do you ask very thoughtful clarifying questions and therefore I explain things to you and ensure that you are GETTING the facts. I'm a nice guy. I know how i come across to people, and in no fucking way is it deserving of your nasty little phrase that you cling to like a FUCKING LIFE JACKET IN A GODDAMN SHIPWRECK.

"Yeah. I GET that." Do you even realize how fucking condescending you sound? Why? Why do you feel the need to spit that phrase out each goddamn time we speak? Are you intimidated because I'm smarter? Younger? Have seniority at our company?

Whatever the HELL it is, deal with it. I'm sick of fucking hearing your "yeah. I GET that." and smelling your NASTY food at lunch and seeing your stupid fucking car backed into your space unnecessarily.

Do you GET that?