This is'nt a rant. More of a plea for help given my pathetic ability to use social media. I know this should be in I saw U, but I could'nt get it to work. Anyway, I met you at a bar on NE 28th last night(R** F***), utterly enjoyed talking to you. You are very compelling ...there is something totally different about you that somewhat restored my rather cynical faith in people and honesty. I would love to talk to you again and hear your views on life. I found them to be refreshing. I know all I have is your first name, and you mine, no phone number etc....but I did'nt want to come across that way. I was so intrigued, it did'nt even occur to me. Well, I hope our paths cross again, and if this is published it does'nt weird you out. I am not so good at modern media. After all, I am a history major