STOP FLIRTING WITH ME YOU CREEPY, OLD MAN!! Every morning, you honk the horn at me, waving at me with that creepy-ass smile. You tried to bekon me to your cab window while you were at a red light...seriously??? What did you think I was going to do - run over and give you my number? Ewwww! Even after I gave you my nastiest you-are-a-dirty-old-man look, you still try. I've flipped the bird at you several times, and still, every morning, you wave at me, with your condescending and amused grin. I'm glad you are having fun creeping me out, because I'm NOT. You aren't aren't friendly...YOU ARE A FUCKING PIG!! .And being sexually harassed by one is certainly NOT FUN! I'm not even amused by your daily morning weather reports anymore - they are creepy. Stop it. Just shut up and do your job - which, I might add, you SUCK at. You can't drive for shit - you don't slow down through turns, you constantly lurch on the gas, and, apparantly, you have to stop and go several times to get the train to line up with the platform. They should put signs all over the bus and max trains, with your picture, that say "TriMet Creep of the Year".

Grossed Out.