Hey stupid asshole standing at bus stop on 82nd Ave. - if you're mad that you missed your [first] ride, well, it sure wasn't the driver's fault.

She already pulled over because another rider was getting off. She waited for afew seconds trying to figure out whether you actually wanted to board, or if you were just another dummy who randomly stands at bus stops for no good reason. She even yelled "HELLO" in an effort to get your attention. So yeah dumbfuck, she pulled off. And only THEN do you turn around and raise your arms like "what-the-fuck".

Maybe if you PULLED YOUR EAR-BUDS OUT and paid attention, you'd notice when a bus pulls up! But what really earned you the Dipshit award was after you caught a #72 TWO MINUTES LATER, as we passed by the other bus parked on NE. Cully, you felt the need to FLIP THAT DRIVER OFF! Wow. Real class act.