When having a good job was an asset. Nowadays, it's preferred to work at a coffee shop or have no job at all. There was a time when if a man was a good father, it was an asset. Nowadays, it's just baggage to have kids, much less love and care for them. If I'm not some child-hating asshole, then I'm no good. There was a time, when if you owned your own home, it was a good thing. Nowadays, if you don't live in your friend's basement and can't leave town on a whim, you're just tied down and are not 'free'. It's funny, how times have changed. What once were good things to find in a man are now things that most woman find unattractive. Sorry ladies, that I'm not a 30-something man with no responsibilities, working at a coffee shop and living in my friend's basement. Totally sorry.