Dear neighbor,
You started flipping shit at me because you didn’t like it when I said that I thought it was bullshit that the patrons at the local bars used our apartment’s limited parking space, forcing those who live here and pay rent to park on the narrow shoulder that is next to the ditch. I decided to walk away before I started flipping shit at you. You just had to be an asshole and start talking smack about me and try to stir up trouble between my boyfriend and I when I decided to be the grown-up and walk away from your temper tantrum. You tried to kiss up to my boyfriend and half-assed apologized for your assholishness towards me. Then, I heard you call me a fucking cunt to another neighbor. I put up with a lot of shit from you such as your loud music three or more hours after quiet time, the and pot fumes wafting up from your apartment into mine, and you turning up your heat to full blast when my apartment gets hot enough to literally melt candles in the summer, but you can’t deal with me walking away when you’re flipping shit for no reason? GROW THE FUCK UP!