Can someone please explain why "upscale" restaurants and bakeries etc. have their (Mexican) employees out spraying the sidewalks in the morning with a hose? I saw one this morning spraying not only their entryway but the curb, the bus shelter, etc. And they are not the only culprits.
Is it a) so important to this business that their underpaid staff be seen looking busy literally every second whether there is a logical purpose or not; b) that they can be seen as so upscale they can afford to waste finite and expensive water resources by literally dumping it on the ground for no rational purpose; c) that their customers are so rarefied and delicate that the presence of a dirty curb ten yards from a business will put them off their brunch (but that these same customers will have no problem with the food or waitstaff and will tip fairly)?
Before I judged an eating establishment for having a dirty sidewalk, I would judge them for blocking pedestrian traffic flow on a busy sidewalk, soaking the ground on one of our rare sunny days, being profligately wasteful, sending their "colored man" out to do demeaning tasks for esoteric rationale just because they can, etc. I don't care if I sound all Portlandia here.