Einstein Brothers, you just couldn’t leave a good thing alone. Here was Kettleman’s Bagels, owned and run by a Chinese immigrant, who while not paying much attention to ambience, went to the trouble of apprenticing with a Jewish baker and consequently made good bagels; who got the Portland vibe, hiring hipster servers; who went to the trouble of finding the best coffee in Portland; and who was responsive to his customers. But Einstein’s, you just had to ruin it, covering the walls with large posters advertising your own products, and, most egregious sin, making lousy bagels and serving your own “Darn Good Coffee” which is anything but, tasting like dishwater. Now when you walk in there is a table with a clueless girl pushing your T-shirts and coffee mugs. Now instead of making good bagels and coffee, you have contests that customers enter go get a whole free espresso, wow-wee! If you must pimp your lousy coffee, must you also ruin bagels? The old place now resembles Subway, with just as second-rate food. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.