I feel like I've been asking this questions since I was 15 years old, but how can you tell when the guy you're dating is actually into you more than casual? When he wants it to be exclusive and see where things go - when is he not trying just to score anymore but have the BF/GF title? Time and time again, I've felt mislead and want to make sure I'm not reading things wrong. I want to not blame the dude, but see where I may be slipping up.
This current beau is pretty, freaking amazing but with my track record, I want to make sure I'm not being dooped or misreading (what I think are) great dates, that to him maybe just par.
I've been accused and readily admit to having a broken boyfriend picker. I'm sincerely open to any advice (even if 80% of what I think people will post as comments will be name calling) :p