I have been living in Portland for going on 15 years at this point. I understand it’s a special place, people have the feeling they can let loose and be open here. I can get behind your choice to be Vegan, ride a bike naked, rock hairy armpits, give up your car and ride your bike everywhere. I get it, that footloose and fancy free Portland feeling. But I have to draw the line in the sand with this one. I was in Buchman park today when I saw it. You yelling for your child to hurry up, her yelling back she was almost finished…..Finished doing what you might ask; Taking a steaming Duke right in the middle of the soccer field. Ok kids will be kids and we all know no dogs allowed here because they don’t want dookie in the field when the kids are playing. So Mother is going to go clean it up right? I mean 10 people just watched your precious little girl drop a steaming pile right where we want to be playing Frisbee. Not at all, she just looked on as if it was completely normal. What the fuck Portland, we have laws that you have to scoop up after your dog, but because no sign is posted about feral children it’s fine to leave a Hurking shit unattended. So city of Portland,; Sam Adams whoever may read this, can we get an addition to the ordinance for people to scoop up after their children? Is this what we have regressed to?