To the holier-than-thou couple standing at the front of the Refused/Sleigh Bells show tonight, I hereby curse all of your judgmental middle fingers to rot off the bone, causing you to have creepy skeleton fingers for the rest of your miserable lives. You stood at the very front of the floor during Sleigh Bells, with your headphones in, immobile, flipping off the band as they gave their best to a small crowd of mostly disinterested people waiting to see The Refused. I suggested, more politely than you deserved, that there were a lot of people who were excited to see them, and if you didn't like them, you could move to the back of the room, the balcony, or outside. That they're guests of The Refused-who stand for tolerance and integration-and I doubt they'd be proud to see their fans hating on the opening act. Instead, you started bitching, naturally. "What the hell do they stand for? What does her clothing say? This is high school music. Blah whine mainstream blah." Proudly, you two stood strong in your protest of opening bands without overt political messages, in your rage against high school music (guess what, dickbags, we all listened to Refused in high school!), and then tried to pick a fight after the set. How tolerant! How in line with The Refused's message! Who are you shallow, self-righteous, yippie assholes to stand in judgement? Nothing was keeping you there, and I'm sure that if The Refused had noticed your little demonstration, they would have told you to fuck off.