Because of your desperate need to drive your vehicles to every game, you completely fuck over every person who lives in the NW neighborhood when it comes to parking. All we want to do is come home from work and be able to find a decent parking spot within a few blocks. But you fuckers not only take up every spot, but apparently being a soccer fan means that you must leave a ton of half-spots throughout the neighborhood. Pull all the way up to the next vehicle, assholes! Take public transportation if you are too afraid to parallel park correctly (and respectfully). And now because of you asshole fans, we are going to have to begin paying to park in front of our own fucking apartment buildings. Fucking ridiculous. We have to pay to park because you decided it was cool to like soccer. Timbers fans are a lot like the gluten-free assholes: some of you really care/need it, but you other fucks do it because you saw other people doing it. LEARN TO FUCKING PARK. Go Sounders.