Dear asshole on the Springwater trail today. I just wanted to write and apologize for my toddler who was choking in her trailer causing us to stop our bikes some what in the middle of the trail to check on her. I know that must have been a terrible inconvenience that you had to alter your approach so that you could veer around us. I could tell by the way you were dressed that you were a super duper serious cyclist- in fact, at first I thought you were Lance Armstrong. Thank you for yelling out the trail etiquette I didn't know stopping in the middle of the trail for an emergency was a violation of asshole cyclist code #1234. I yelled back "My child is choking"- thinking that information would help you understand, but your continued bitching made it clear that our concern for our toddler's life should not override trail protocol. We assure you, the next time our child decides to choke we will be sure to pull completely off the trail so that assholes like you can hurry up and get to hell.