I live near Good Sam. From about 8 or 9am until the afternoon I see you nurses, "health professionals" with laynards and scrub pants on all day. One question: if you're "health professionals" why are all of you so god damn massive? All day there's a stream of you, slowly waddling into Bonnie Burger, then speed walking out of there 5 minutes later with your grease stained bag of fries and burgers, no doubt scurrying off to some secluded corner in a parking garage where you inhale it down in a few seconds in total shame. Or perhaps the bathroom. I was once told to use one of the women's bathrooms at Good Sam because the men's room was being plumbed, and inside the stall there were CHICKEN WING BONES where the toilet seat protector wax paper shit was. Wonderful.

Seriously, you work in the health industry. Why not present yourself in a way so that it at least APPEARS you care about your field. Do I really want a 280lb woman telling me what's good for my health? The slouch of your walk has all the swagger of an ICP fan as your gut teeters side to side with each stride. It's horrible, then I see you same ladies later in the day nursing a Trenta milkshake from Starbucks. USA! USA! USA!