Beautiful Fall day, I am headed out on a easy 50 mile bicycle ride. Headed up Gateway Blvd (Cottage Grove), four lane road. I am in my lane. You pass in your filthy tan Toyota P/U, yell out the window, pull in front of me and try to right hook me. You missed. You said something and I gave you the finger. Three minutes later you pass me again on Row River Road. You park on side of road (no parking) get out and try to grab me as I go by. You missed again. I keep riding, see you coming again so I turn left on Palmer Ave, see a warehouse door open, haul ass inside and yell "call the police" You pull in the lot and tell me that I cannot drive in the lane on Gateway because "i have no licence or pay taxes" What can I say to you but "go suck a bag of dicks" You tell me " I remember your face and next time you will be in my territory" I file police report and hope to see you in court