I"m in agreement with that other guy last week. I"m militant about LEASH LAWS. I DID learn a terrible lesson!
I"ll NEVER forget the sound as she got hit by that car, she didn't see comming/. But I did. I saw it comming. Nothing to do to stop it. A leash would have prevented that. Or the pain and shock in her eyes, as I picked her up , out of the street, and caried her home, to die in my arms choking.
No misbehaviour on her part. Just mine. It took 2 seconds of inattention, and I didn't have a hold on her.
I killed her. I don't have children. And this dog and I had been PAST through hell and back together. We BELONGED to each other, I killed my girl. Probably gave the guy who hit her a terrible day. he ran after me to my house, and watched me realize she was dead. That was pretty. It's all fine , untill it's not. Everything tragic in life seems to happen real fuckin fast. You never though starting your day, that this would happen. You aren't cool enough to make the world syop spiining, or life stop happening. Leash your dog. The 3 of you don't need it! I don't care how good your dog is off leash. Mine was 2. It takes or horrible second to lose them, it just happens SO fast. And I can't get over the guilt, and mussing her. Leash Up!