Read the goram menu, also look around. Most coffee shops have things like a list of teas, bagels, or syrups. Don't let your I-need-coffee tunnel vision block these. I, and many other baristas, are tired of answering a metric fuck ton of questions that can be answered by reading. Fucking reading, we all learned it in grade school, put on your big boy/girl pants and do it. Also, cell phones, get off yours for fucks sake. If your so attached to your place in line that you can't step aside to pick of your phone, don't pick it up. If I ask "for here or to go" 5 times and you're too busy talking to answer, it's your own damn fault if your sandwich ain't wrapped up. Know what your ordering. You won't look stupid if you ask me what a mocha is, I understand not everyone learns these things soon as they can talk. You WILL look like a jackass if you order a mocha then tell me you hate chocolate. Place your order at the register. There is hardly a coffee shop in Portland with a wait staff. Do you see bus tubs? That's where dishes go. Am I wrist deep in dish water or something else messy? Ask one of my coworkers to get you a to-go box. And last, CLOSING TIME IS LEGIT GUYS. If you want 2 hours of coffee time, show up earlier.