To all of you asshole drivers out there, here's a little fair warning: If I EVER get hit on my bike, YOU are at fault. You bitches drive by and almost kill me all the time. No matter what, if an auto hits a cyclist, the driver of the auto will always be at fault. That's right, bitches. Do you know the freedom I have while riding my bike? Not only am I NOT polluting, I'm literally free to do what I want. I smoke, use my cell phone, wear headphones AND don't wear a helmet. When you see me, you might think, "that guy obviously doesn't have any regard to his own safety. All I can say to that notion is that you don't know true freedom. I can do what I want. I can swerve into traffic and if you hit me, YOU are at fault. I can take up an entire lane, pedal at 8 miles an hour in a 35mph zone and you can't do ANYTHING about it. This is MY town, not yours. My friend actually intentionally threw himself onto a car stopped at a stoplight to get the insurance money. It's all the rave in other countries... and I'm really tempted to do it myself. Keep your heads up, you bastard... I'm coming soon to a street near you.