There is a house on North Albina, where a bunch of fucking pigs live. I'm not talking the farm kind, I'm talking the trust fund baby, wannabe edgy white kid kind. Pigs, by any definition of the term, they sit on their porch all day long, jobless, clueless and shower-less. Playing guitar, eating meals out of cups and generally living life like the American leeches they are. I mean really, it's a uniquely American thing for these people to live the way that they do. I'm certain that they think they are "free" and that they know how it "really is", but all I see are a bunch of layabouts ruining the neighborhood. How fucking selfish of you people, to impose your filthy way of life onto everyone else, with your boxes of shit and mattresses thrown on the parking strip. To see this freak show, drive North on Albina. You can't miss it... because you can totally fucking smell it.