The internet has given voices to those who would otherwise be ignored. Whenever I hear Right-Wing propaganda, it saddens me to think that people actually believe it. The Right taps into the fear, anger and hate that these ignorant people have. These simpletons, the Right-Wing base, now have a medium to express themselves, thanks to the internet. These people, would otherwise be shunned, or deemed too immature and ignorant to really have an adult conversation with. The internet is one-sided, whereas they can spew their fact-less points and never address them when called out. In the 'real' world, how does this tactic work? It doesn't. It only works in a one-sided forum. Romney is a liar, plain and simple. It's a fact that cannot be disputed, so the tactic is to change the subject whenever it's brought up. These traitors, these hateful and ignorant people, actually have a vote, and this is the scariest fact of all. They vote on their 'feelings', not on the issues. It's a sad day in America, for the apes have risen due to the internet. THANK YOU, AL GORE! (An unnecessary, but needed disclaimer for all you aforementioned apes out there: I'm joking about Al Gore)