They're great! It's a huge hassle keeping a dog, but they're super fun to pet because they're always like 'hey how's it going want to pet my ears they are super soft I like you a lot PET MY TUMMY DO YOU HAVE SAUSAGES?' So having a beer and petting one is the perfect compromise.

Bar dogs are like those people I knew in my 20's who would come out drinking with you and make out with you later at night without ever asking you to watch shitty movies or come home with them for the holidays. All fun no hassle!

People who don't like dogs are joyless shitheads.

Don't worry joyless shitheads, if you want to sit in the dark complaining and smoking, there's always the internet. Oh sorry, your housemates won't let you smoke in the house? Laaaaaaame. Guess that's why you can't afford to go to a nice bar that doesn't allow dogs either.