It's funny how when Romney lied his way through the first debate and the President was just too, well, Presidential, even the "LEFT" admitted Obama lost the debate. Oh, the Right was in a tizzy over that debate. When Biden SCHOOLED Ryan, the Right cried and whined like babies and actually suggested that Biden was drunk. Talk about sore losers! Last night, Obama smacked down Romney and called him out on his LIES! And what's the Right doing today? Yup, downplaying the FACTS, not focusing on what was said, but how it was all just so unfair. What a bunch of fucking traitorous crying babies. Romney acted like spoiled CEO and flip-flopped and lied again... god, it's getting so old saying that. I am so happy that Romney got put in his place, like a bratty child getting a time out. And that atheist loving, social security and medicare killing, "Numbers guy" who's numbers never add up, fake dishwashing, CAREER politician, Lyin' Ryan... what's the deal with those work-out photos? Oh. Mah. Gawd.