Does anyone else cringe when someone they know decides to go carless? Too often in Portland going carless means, "I expect my friends to give me a ride while I reap the benefits of not having to pay to maintain a car or be responsible for the environmental impacts." Look, if you choose to give up your trusty ride then that means the burden of figuring out how to get around should fall on you before anyone else. You want to give up your enclosed mode of transportation available at any time in this rainy city? Get ready to wait for a MAX or bus. Maybe get acquainted with a bike and a raincoat. Of course I can say no, but if we're going to the same place it's hard not to look like an ass. The word "carless" is synonymous with "Be my taxi." Take me to the airport, take me downtown, take me to exercise, take me to a show, take me to a bar, take me home, pick me up from, swing by... how about I take your ass to a bus stop at midnight in the dead of winter so you can realize how stupid the decision to get rid of your whip was?—Anonymous