My friend hooked us up, after I asked her if she had any single lady friends. We went out, and we hit if off. On our third date, we had sex and it was great. You were kinky and so am I, and we stayed up a good portion of the night experimenting with one another. The morning after, as you were still asleep, I climbed on top and entered you. About 45 seconds into it, you woke up and struggled to get away, but I held you down. The night before, we were doing things much more intense than this, so I thought it was okay. You finally screamed, scratched the fuck out of me, pushed me off, and ran out of the room. I was dazed. What the fuck? You left shortly after, ignoring my attempts to talk with you. That afternoon, my friend calls to scream at me and call me a rapist. A rapist?! She said we're no longer friends and she's going to tell everyone what I did. I can't believe this is happening to me! I really don't know what to do now, except to beg for forgiveness. If either of you read this, I'm sorry!—Anonymous