I, Anonymous Dec 12, 2012 at 4:00 am


Read my lips... moron. (and probably fake...)
Read my lips- moron. (and probably a fake....)
Are you single? Wooooof!
Anon, if you really didn't care what people think of you and your kind, you wouldn't have bothered to write this. I'm not angry at your typical rich person, but your gloating is really ugly, and sad. You go out of your way to say there's nothing anyone can do about your superior position in life because you fear losing it. You know that wealth is not correlated to hard work, and that you're easily replaced in your role. Too bad you think yourself so superior to all the "worker bees" that you've invested your identity and sense of self-worth in that position of dominance and privilege.
Great job defending our system, in which there's a far higher percentage of working people who are below the poverty line than in Europe. You're obviously defending that status quo not because it's right but because of your own personal stake in it. I hope having your assed kissed and having a "luxury car" makes you happy now, because it probably won't last.
When this was on the I,A blog, some folks called fake, but I've met rich folks who have exactly this complex.
The Queen is unable to move or feed herself, let alone fly. She remains in the central chamber, producing offspring until she dies and has no other life, no other experience. She isn't in charge as such, the other bees have freedom to come and go, to leave the hive if they wish - the Queen is stuck, forever.

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