Anonymous Jan 14, 2013 at 3:52 pm


So let me get this straight...

22 year old who lives with mom = gigantic loser

Grown-ass couple who live with mom = somehow not gigantic losers?

If you guys aren't also broke/bad with money, why are you living with you mother in law? Kinda sounds like you're sponging off of her...
Paying rent = not sponging. Lots of people affected like this in a bad economy
Hold the fuck on...

Mommy in law has a house big enough for you to live there? While gigantic also lives there, because he was living their first? And now mommy in law is a miserable, and insecure old hag who's bad with money?

Why were you forced to live there? Because you didn't save your money in case something bad happened?

May i remind you, that you now live with her, bad with money.
May i also remind you that you wrote this post, eyeballs in debt who's kindness and love dried up and withered away.

She. Fucking. Hates. You. That's. Why. She's. Pissed. Off. All. The. Damn. Time. GET. OUT.
Thank you Munch.

Even if you think that rent paying = not sponging, it's not that hard to put it together that her kind and loving ways might have gone out the window because she was supposed to be free of her kids and their signifigant others when they turned 18. Now you're staying with her and being totally ungrateful for having a place to stay, regardless of you paying for it.
This town is rife with idiots like I,A. Seriously, take yourselves down to the shanty-town by the airport and build a new home out of car parts if you have to. Christ, this woman has been bled so dry she has to live vicariously through someone elses foodstamps
So if the oldest kid is 22, that means you're probably dating the 18 or 19 year old? Which means you're just some dumbfuck kid sponging off mom in law because you can't even afford your own apartment? The irony. You have laid it on thick.
You must admit, though, she's pretty hot.
and todd wins a cigar for best comment!

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