I said "fuck you" to a disabled person yesterday. This woman was on one of those "disability scooter" things, getting on a bus. The bus driver put down the ramp and for some reason, instead of going in forward, the woman decided she had to go in backward. So she goes backward off-course and hits the side of the door. She goes forward and tries again, and hits the side of the door again. All I said was "nope"—just something that came out of my mouth automatically. Didn't say anything else. She glared at me and started yelling, "I don't need any advice from you—I don't tell you how to walk down the sidewalk," plus some other things. (If I were walking into walls instead of along the sidewalk, I'm not sure I would be insulted if someone noticed.) Anyway, by the third sentence of her rant, the words just came out of my mouth. "Fuck you." Not real loud, but loud enough that she could hear me. It just came out automatically but boy did it shut her up. I feel guilty for saying "fuck you" to a disabled person, but it just happened.—Anonymous