Someone else will steal that bike if you don't.
You must get a lot of chicks.
I think you are ignorant for spelling it "ignorent." And for bragging about your half-assed exploits on I,A. Real hackers would be posting on Reddit or 4Chan or something.
LOL@ "I am Anonymous". GAY.
Get a job and pay for internet service.

Am I supposed to be impressed by your deceitfulness? Your lack of moral code or empathy? You could walk up the counter and tell them they have these security problems. You could even start a security company and have them pay you to fix it. Or you could sit there scanning people's credit card numbers because you're a bad person.

Anonymous at least tries to have some political purpose behind their actions, not just hacking the local coffee shop. You're an ass.
Jerk. Jerk. Jerk.
When you are all finished at the coffee shop planning the revolution to transform the world to a utopia of free goods, services and content for all, make sure you don't leave your Guy Fawkes mask behind.
Somebody turned me on to the fact that if you put a dollar in an Oregonian box, there's nothing to keep you from taking TWO COPIES INSTEAD OF ONE!

Not that I'd ever put a dollar in an Oregonian box.
"Thank you public meeting spaces of Portland, (and the world for that matter), with zero IT savy. You provide fertile ground for me and those like me to hone my skill set. As I write this We are using bit torrent to copy no less than three movies, a porn clip and the last Gaga single..."


I stopped reading at this point. What i got was someone who goes to coffee shops to download porn, movies, and shit-tier music. You sir or maddam, must be a real winner!
I love it when script kiddies mistake their remedial skill sets as something elite. This IA is the equivalent of someone bragging about how they know how to put gas in their car all by themselves.

Big fish in a (digital) small pond.
Oh, this guy. Implying that credit card transactions aren't done over SSL. Trés leet...
so then, do you have the porn site i pay for, on groupons? if you can see what i'm doing yo.. then help me find a discount bitch.
"You provide fertile ground for me and those like me to hone my skill set."

A douchebag hanging around a coffee shop, port scanning is a "skill set" now? Your parents must be so proud.
Someone hacked the Gibson!

I'm in such total AWE of this guy.

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