I walk on my two feet one step at a time about three to five miles a day. I often walk along bus routes where middle and high school students wait for the bus—the bus that will carry them maybe a mile to school. I have walked by students waiting for the bus, then when I get to their school, I wait at the bus stop and see them get off. I am OLD (60 and healthier than some of these 16-year-olds) and I get to where they are going faster than they do. I have literally seen some students get on the bus at the stop by the school and then seen the same ones get off six blocks later! What the fuck!! My taxes are subsidizing their lazy asses a discount bus ticket to anywhere and they use it to avoid a five-minute walk. WHAT THE FUCK!!!! They stand there eating their crappy Cheetos, drinking sugar water, getting fatter, and getting diabetes. Seriously, put those expensive athletic shoes to some use.—Anonymous