Yes thats a good point.
The location and intonation help us decide what makes a suitable replacement. And also when the sea change happened was it even noticed by the canaries in the coal mine? For the splittest of seconds i thought i heard you say the box of lox was not properly refrigerated. Unheard of, really.
I think the only option you have at this point is to read this article… and hope for the best. What was it that Alfred Hitchcock said when the fire raged on the set of The Birds and he had no choice but to flee into the large man made pond stocked with perch and other game fish?
Doesnt matter now but you definitely have a point.
There is no better hangover cure than an everything bagel with Pabst schmeer.
I never use the word "schmeer" to refer to cream cheese, because honestly it sounds a little too much like pap "smear". Or former Germs/Nirvana/Foo Fighters bassist "Pat Smear."
Also, quit calling a blowjob a "schlurp," unless you're a Jewish grandmother it just sounds gross.
Jeeze, Deezus. Way to miss and then ruin my totally brilliant pun.
Sorry,I couldn't see your post on the mobile version until after I posted, so stop your's not worth bupkis...
Oy vey
Can Jews count as targets of Orientalism?
Kettleman's Bagels is alive and well! The concept and name were taken from a company in Canada. Check them out
Oy gevelt! I agree. Also, stop using the work "bodega" you hipster transplant fucks
And quit saying "sushi"! If you ain't Japanese, it's fishyrice to you!
Oh, and stop calling breaded-chicken (or pork) Schnitzel, it only sounds good when being screamed at you by a 250lb German Großmutter!
And jesus fucking christ, it's not a "kwa-sonh," it's a crescent roll, you!
Yeah, and what about the "bow-chicka-wow-wow". Don't get me started.
Hey guys do you know where I could find authentic New York style gluten free vegan bagels?
Yea, at Bowery Bagels. I mean they have authentic subway tiles on their wall. Good luck getting salt, pepper, and KETCHUP on anything though. Suck.
Google is your friend...

Schmeer - A number of things that go together; an aggregate.

Therefore, schmeer is not simply cream cheese, it is cream cheese mixed with something else, like smoked salmon.

So noted.

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