Yes, you are expected to tip the musicians playing for you at a bar or restaurant. Even if you didn't go there to hear the music. Even if you avert your eyes and pretend you didn't see or hear them. Even if you shake their hands and tell them you loved the music. Even if you're a musician yourself and chat with them about strings and tunings (tip extra for that). Even if you smile lasciviously implying, "If only we were alone together I'd really show you how your music moved me" (except possibly if you deliver on that implication). Even if your kid dances right in front of them (tip extra for that, besides paying for any damage the kid does to the equipment). Even if it's not the greatest music you've ever heard (you don't hold the servers to that same standard). If it's too loud, ask them to turn it down. And then tip. And when you tip, remember, $1 isn't what it was in 1975. Be generous and support live music.—Anonymous