I, Anonymous Sep 11, 2013 at 4:00 am

A Sad Song


What the fuck? Everyone gets a tip now? Guess what, asshole- it's up to the owner of the venue to pay you, not the patrons that likely had to pay a cover to ignore you. I feel lucky when I get drink tickets. If you want tips, take your lousy music to the street corner.
Fuck you, Anonymous. If I didn't go to a bar specifically to see a musician, I'm certainly not going to tip them. I don't go to restaurants for music, I go for the food. In fact, I'd probably avoid drinking or eating someplace that had a musician; I want to talk to my friends or dinner companion, not listen to you. And yes, servers are held to a standard: shitty service = shitty tip. Same goes for musicians.
Seriously?! If you want to play for tips go busk on the corner. I guess this is what happens when the precious snowflakes grow up.
Uh oh. Someone's trust fund is running out.
Ok then when you go to a bar and there's a band playing that you're not interested in and don't intend to tip, guess you have to leave now. Management will LOVE that.

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