It blows my fucking mind how people pick and choose the strangers they are nice to. At the end of your bar last night was the nicest man I've ever met. And sure, I had to write on a piece of paper to communicate with him because he's deaf, but what a great guy. You walked into your shift with a chip on your shoulder, and decided to take it out on this man. I found out from him that you've served him before. Your knowing sign language was the greatest gift he had received since moving here. The guy is over 60 years old, which means he's probably really good at reading lips. When you said, "Oh no, not you again," with your face slightly turned so he couldn't see, you forgot that there was a mirror in front of you. He read that you hate it when he's there because all he wants to do is sign. That old fucker was proud to know you, and last night, you made an old man actually cry tears from his fucking eyes as he scooped up his change and walked out, you bitch.—Anonymous