I, Anonymous Oct 16, 2013 at 4:00 am

Deaf and Dumb


Okay, y'all need to realize that your bartenders and servers are not your friends. They most likely don't even like you. Bars are places of business, of commerce, where to participate you must ante-up. A tip might buy you a smile and a brief chat of small talk (if it's not busy), but understand, and please respect, that a bartender is held captive to her station (her station being the bar where she is not just hanging out for the fun of it) because she is AT WORK. So please just let her do her job tending the bar because you don't have anything to say a bartender hasn't already heard. You're not interesting. If you were interesting you wouldn't be sitting alone at a bar having to corner people to get them to talk to you. And also, being old and deaf and having the saddest puppy dog eyes doesn't grant anybody license to be an annoying leech.
Speak for yourself Kattie!!

I tend bar, and I've done it for over 15 years. If you sit at my bar, that entitles you my attention, and great conversation if you want it. Just because I’m “at work” doesn’t mean that I have the right to be a bitch to you!

“So please just let her do her job tending the bar” There wouldn’t be a fucking need to “tend” the bar, if there weren’t any fucking customers sitting at it!

All I read on Anon, is people bitching about their bartenders. Well no fucking wonder why! If you’re a bartender and this is your shitty attitude, then you deserve every bit of the no tip that’s thrown at you! Your bartenders are your friends. Come to my bar, we’ll prove it!
gotta remember you are in Portland- land of the douche bag bartenders - I can make a list here- and shitty customer service. Slingshot? BOG? Bridgeport? On and on...
As a bartender it is your job to make the customer feel welcomed and appreciated. If you do not like people don't work in a bar. This horrible customer service and appreciation seems to be a Portland thing. Much like the icecreamtenders that don't like kids (salt and straw). We pick our bars by the amenities and the service. I, Anonymous found what he thought was a perfect watering hole, booze and conversation. You would think that someone who took the time to learn sign language had a reason to do so and therefore would have a little more compassion. If you don't have time to talk let the customer know you're busy I'm sure they'll understand.

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