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I believe you. A bartender friend has noted how girls fall for douchebags with accents all the time. He just sits back and laughs.
nice try, Matt Davis
I'd believe it. It's been said that an Englishman with an Oxford accent sounds better reading the Yellow Pages than an American does reading the Gettysburg Address. There's something in a British accent in particular that Americans find particularly appealing.
Fernando Lamas use to bag all 'da babes, but most buckle polishers hanging on the work corner of East Burnside at Grand, don't score that well at top of the Cosmo.
After I read this IA, I tried adapting a Cockney accent for the day and ended up in a fistfight at a local pub after they wouldn't put my footy match on the telly when I told those wankers to get stuffed...
Yeah but did you score?!?? Nope! You're just typing and wiping at this point huh mate? you sad sack. I use the accent whenever I go to like Spokane or Boise. The local honeys all eat that up. My maneuvering should be made into a movie at this point, I guess..

Right, right! Ha ha! Ya want dual citizenship??? Hardy har har har hoax! Never gonna happen! Haw haw. Roommates, bathrooms and fucking exitssssssssss...
"It's just pathetic how shallow people can be."

Said with no awareness of the irony here...
Took my fake Serbian accent to the Reel M Inn on Division tonight and picked up a girl within minutes. OK, it was a St. Pauli Girl, whaddaya want.
This really does work. We spoke limited french loudly on the tour at Mt. Hood. My husband got invited to come behind the check in counter to take pictures of the ST. Bernard " Heidi ".

It made for a very fun day pretending we were journalist for National Geographic.
I'm glad to see it mentioned somewhere semi-public that Scooter's is awful.
I'm glad to find out that everyone "cool" in Portland is just faking it to bag chicks/score free booze/have cool conversations...maybe it's not such a bad idea after all?
This is complete bullshit, you wanker.

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