Anonymous Dec 31, 2013 at 4:43 pm


"this part of town"? Really, the MEAN STREETS of 52nd and Powell? For fuck's sake, do yourself a favor and get out more.

As for those tacos, hooray! Now the man can stop panhandling for food and resume panhandling for drug / drink money.
Selling your shoes for taco bell is a really bad idea. How are you supposed to keep your feet warm? Hopefully they called Project Respond because I would bet there is some underlying mental illness here.
You don't have to break the law. All you have to do is have people complain about you. Next thing you know, you're in jail. You have to wait for a limited break time to call your lawyer, and then only on a phone that is being monitored. So much for attorney/client privilage. Then the lawyer fails to provide an adequate defense, so you end up penalized with a criminal record, all because you're poor.
Oblivious ice prez post is oblivious....
You did a good thing. You won't think it, but feel assured many people are like you. Go figure calling the cops. It breaks my heart the people who think homeless are all criminals.

Have A Happy New Year,you did the best you could.
I call bullshit. I live near there, and the junkies from Johnson Creek have been migrating down to Powell. They never say "I want money for tar heroin from the Mexican drug cartels" but that is what they want.

Homeless advocates teach the junkies to say "don't stereotype me!" so why don't you stop stereotyping whoever called the cops. You weren't watching shoeless junkie Joe for hours. The cops are usually slow to respond to homeless issues, so perhaps he really was high and disrupting traffic.

People are trying to make thta area a nice place in spite of strip clubs, a brothel and traffic. Donating money to the cartels via their junkie fundraisers is not okay.

Help the elderly instead. I have given money (unsolicited) to senior citizens at Freddies and watched them blow it on reduced meat and rice and marked down bread. They can stretch a fiver.
Let's just continue the logic of the last comment there:

Don't help the fucking elderly! They're a buncha racist parasites and are gonna die soon anyway! You don't know what they've been doing all that time you haven't been watching them! Eldercare advocates train them to say, "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" I have proof!

Therefore, you should only help immigrants from the Horn of Africa! Those people at least have a damn work ethic!
Translating Rich Bachelor:

"Boohoohoo I am a junkie and I live under a tarp and the world is my bathroom, you owe me a living and some money for Mexican smack . I raise money for the drug cartels, but don't judge me."
Translating jackass: "I have a one-note take on all of society and will repeat same ad infinitum while failing to notice what few people that may ever have had any sympathy for my point of view are wandering away due to how fucking crazy I sound."
Fact: every rant ever posted to I,A is 100% and not even slightly exaggerated
"I didn't have cash but I told him I'd run through the drive thru for him."

Really means: "I had a little cash but I wasn't sure he'd spend it on food."

"He was not harassing anyone. He was not disrupting traffic."

Really means: "I dunno. I just got here. Was he?"
What would you rather have him do, Rev, move downtown under the Burnside Bridge, where it's much, more convenient to make meal times at the Blanchet House? Is this some sort of back handed compliment to Powell? Are you trying to say that Powell doesn't have any good strip clubs and lowlifes of it's own; they all come from Johnson Creek? Admittedly, DV8 is a much better strip club than most, but you get my drift.
He'll only use those tacos for drugs!

RBM, you give unsolicited money to people at Fred Meyer? Seems that would have very high potential to offend someone.
That's right, blame the victim, RBM. The drug cartels flourish because drugs are illegal. Who's to say this guy was on drugs in the first place? Even addicts have to eat sometime, anyway. If IA wants to be sure that the money goes for food, like the beggar claims, then there you go. Although, I suppose Blabby does make the point that if you buy him food, that leaves him with more money for drugs.
Where is the brothel, Rev? That wasn't cited in the research memorandum regardomg Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in the Portland Metro Area by Dr Christopher Carey and his side kick, Lena Teplitsky of Portland State University.……
I was also going to ask about the location of this 'brothel.' For reasons.
I worked grave yard at that taco bell two or three years ago. Did you ever hear fools screaming while making your five layer? That was me.

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