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Child molestation is such an ugly topic. Please, can we restrain the I,Anonymouses to solid territory such as taco panhandlers and library book defacers?
We have a lot of ugly topics we banter back and forth. Yes it is an ugly topic.

I'Anon I believe you. If you are under 18 years old ,I would find an adult I trust. A guidance counselor,teacher,principal, or neighbor. Just a few ideas,you get the picture.

If you are an adult; and your family is covering this up, call the State Attorneys office, sex abuse hotline, any thing you find in the phone book leading you to the right office. You might even contact a reporter for a newspaper. Maybe the Mercury can help. You never know until you try. Sounds like the family will be no help.

I just hope you know this is serious, and you might need some counseling when it is over. Don't make any threats ,or tell people what you have done until you get to the RIGHT person to help you.

Much Luck to you,

Do whatever you need to. Make sure every time someone googles his name, molestation stories come up. No shame is too great for a child molester.
The Last of Sheila (1973)
I, and my friends and family are seventeen years past all of this. It still, (obviously), stirs up a lot of anger. Luckily, my family is completely removed from the situation, and VERY supportive. Thats more than I can say for everyone else though! I am less reaching out for help, and am more and more aiming for awareness to the sadness of this issue that is so commonly mis-handled by our legal system. I am also really excited about anything I can do to publically shame this asshole!! Any advice anyone might have on the legality of making my (our) story public would be welcomed.
Thanks for the kind and supportive words! I feel bad for "Im right you're wrong" guy....sorry I offended you and wrote about something a little touchy. I totally understand, and for the most part, prefer writings that make me chuckle. I just thought I would mix things up, and have wanted to vent that for a while. Sorry!!
If the DA doesn't find enough evidence with which to prosecute, then perhaps you are hypersensitive and simply over reacting. Victimization is not vindication. Nevertheless, you might try suing in civil court. Just remember that the sword of Justice, cuts both ways; be prepared for a counter claim for frivolous prosecution and liable, if you fail to convince a Jury with a lower threshold than even in criminal court. If the statutes of limitations have been exceeded, and you can't find a more recent victim, then maybe it's about time to get on with your life.
Getting on with one's life isn't easy, after having been thoroughly traumatized. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is documentable by a doctor who could testify in court. Hypnosis or Yoga might be effective therapies.

OTP ought to get on with his life.
I ought to sue the shit out of Portland State University. The statutes of limitations have expired for the abuse they did of me, but PSU continues to defraud current students, every term. Take Tom Hastings, Conflict Resolution courses, for instance. He makes all sort of unsubstantiated assertions, while insisting that students agree with what he says, or else be flunked out. Furthermore, he gives extra credit to students who go out and break the law, with civil disobedience. Portland State University does not acknowledge any complaints against him, takes the student's money for tuition in exchange for disinformation, and if the student so much as objectively analyses the academically fraudulent claims, they are extorted to conform on tests and in assignments, or else be punished with a failing grade. There are many other instructors who are just as bad, and no shortage of fraudulent courses to take, in order to suffer damages. PSU is a professional litigator's potential, gold mine.
OTP is a professional therapist's potential gold mine

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