Anonymous Jan 9, 2014 at 8:07 pm


You have not one but two magical houses?

Hey let's have the Get High festival at one of your places.
Give me something I can work with here.
Good thing we never have events that mess up the grass in Waterfront Park. That would be a tragedy. Well, there is that "Rose" "Festival" and that "Blues" "Festival" and that "Beer" "Festival" but hopefully we can get rid of those too so we can preserve the delicate flower that is and remains in our heart as "one of the the top 10 destination venues on the west coast."
I'm just bummed that I was unaware of the phrase "slipping the turd in the other guy's pocket" or that I needed an example of it.
The issue wasn't messing up the grass so much as lots and lots of people openly smoking marijuana.
I think Shemp is funny.
Back in the day, we use to just let up anywhere and anytime we felt like it. No special occasion necessary. Although, there did use to be rock concerts with local bands in several parks on the weekends during the Summer. There were thousands of heads all lighting up in public. The pigs were helpless to stop it, but stood by just to spy.
"Waterfront Park, one of the the top 10 destination venues on the west coast".
Come again? Which "west coast"? The west coast of the Willamette between Oregon City and Sauvie Island?
Hey Charlie Hales, if anything needs to be paved it's the fucking waterfront

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