Anonymous Jan 10, 2014 at 10:23 am


Before accepting the torch and pitchfork that you're offering me, Anon, I'd first like to know just how often you take your own elderly relatives out to lunch.
I've seen this psychological phenomenon before, back in the '60s; the first time that the '20s were reintroduced. Bonnie and Clyde was the big block buster FLICK. Kids hate to be told how all the hip, new fashions are just rehashed from bygone days. They think they are so cool, only to have to hear that they are just recycled copycats of their great grand parents. The fashion industry is just a marketing scam. At least Andy Warhol was honest about that.
Offer her some salvation army ol' used up airborne issued combat boots.
Boot the old bitty in the butt. She was just spitting in the soup.
Wow, we're really reachin' deep for the outrage, lately.
IA, you probably don't hear the conversations that grandma has with that lady the rest of the day. She probably takes care of her 24/7
Chef M, learn how to read.
The dowager is trying to knock the girl down a peg.

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