Dear Dipshit Author,

What if the "offender's" final destination is 3 miles away from the MAX Stop? What if that person doesn't have an extra 15-20 minutes to wait for a bus?

They definitely shouldn't ram their bike into people, but they probably have to make a living too. And there's a big difference between a 5-8 mile round trip commute by bike and a 10-15 mile round trip.

Maybe you should complain to Trimet for making it possible for bicyclists to use those means of transportation and not waste space on this blog.
SRO yeti just meander rocket?
Also put guarana soda, there. See ultimately we choo choo and the dormitory, maybe. Now before they vacillate lets send the clowns man. Send the clowns!
It takes two buses from my house just to get to the max. It's a 10-15 minute bike ride. I don't often ride the max, but when I do I'm taking it out to Hillsboro which would be an 18m bike ride each way.
I will concede to you the bit about having to wait for the next train if there's no room for the bike, but you're going to have to come up with a far more compelling reason for me not to bike to the train than it annoys you and it's not how you do it.
How about a compromise? Ride one of those dorky, little, folding bikes that fit into a shoulder bag.
The best way to ride for free is to disguise yourself as a parcel or a bike. Seems like if there were an extra charge for baggage larger than what can be put under the seat, and/or held in your lap, that would open up more space.
Ride these motherfucken nuts.
I have seen quite a few with bikes wait for another train if its packed to capacity. Also seen tools try and bully their way on. They have a right to ride because they have paid just as you have. The only thing that irritates me is when you have a group of 4-5 plus jam up an entire section of the train with their bikes, taking away room for other passengers. Plan your excursions some other way.
I ride my bike and take the max every day. It is often crowded and I do not "wait for the next train" because that is fucking retarded.

How about, instead of crying about how much room cyclists take up, you just don't stand there like a slack-jawed moron in the middle of the aisle. Ever think of that?

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