To all you B-grade potgrowers in Portland who are taking 1800 dollars a lb or even less for your weed I would like to say FUCK YOU. Only 4 yrs ago I was consistently getting 3600 a lb for my A+ grade cannabis that I spend hrs of my time working hard to grow. My overhead is huge. My electric bill is high. Yet every three months when I harvest the price of weed has gone down another 200 bucks. Its a race to the fucking bottom. Go ahead and sell your shitty weed for 1800 dollars a pound. Then your buddy is gonna have to sell his for 1700 a lb to compete with your stupid ass. That means next time you harvest your gonna have to sell yours for 1600 a lb. etc. etc. until indoor pot is suddenly barely worth 1000 dollars a pound. If your selling your pot for less than 2000 dollars a pound your a fucking asshole who wants this whole industry to fail. Hell we should and would all be getting 24 or 2500 a lb....if it werent for you shitty assholes who just keep undercutting everyones prices. Guess what? Eventually your gonna end up having to get a real fucking job because indoor pot won't be worth enough to pay your goddamn electric bill. And it will be all your fault. Fuck you.