Bike lanes, what are they good for? To clarify, when I say bike lane I mean streets with the giant white bicycle sitting beneath two giant arrows such as those found all along SE Salmon Street and many, many other rural surface streets. These streets have been selected to facilitate bicycle use and to help keep bicycles off of streets where higher vehicular use is common. This keeps cyclists safe and helps avoid common driver and cyclist negative interactions because often neither party knows the laws regarding ROW. The posted speed limit on many of these streets, for bicycles or cars, is 20 miles per hour. That’s because the city is trying to influence cars to use alternate routes. In addition, stop signs are less common so cyclists are not forced to stop so often (I know, many blow through stop signs regardless, don’t go getting on that rant please). I notice that cars that have no intention of accessing their driveways are constantly speeding down SE Salmon Street. They are taking advantage of the fewer stop signs and avoiding streets meant for heavy vehicle use such as SE Hawthorne and SE Belmont. They speed down at 30 or 35, swerving around cyclists and creating a huge hazard to cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles coming in the opposite direction. FUCK these people. If all the cyclists decided to ride down SE Hawthorne, drivers would revolt! SO stay off our bike lanes you assholes!